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Thank you for visiting my website. I am updating my old website and blog.You can find infomration on my Books, Podcasts, Writing and blogs on this site.
In other words, this site is the temporary home while we are renovating.

Author of Fiction, Nonfiction and Children's Books

I am the author of the Amol Dixit Series of Books. The first book in this series, my debut novel titled NRI:Now, Returned to India, was published in 2014. Sequels are in various stages of writing.

Since 2017, I have turned into a (re) writer of Children's stories! While editing the text for Fairytales of India Podcast (then known as Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India Podcast) I realized that I had turned into an author of Childern's books.
At the last count, I had revised , edited or rewirtten over 30 fairytales spanning Over 50 episodes of this podcast.


I write on topics related to entrepreneurship, travel, podcasting, open source, and sustainability. My blogs have been published on Corporate websites, peer reviewed magazines, LinkedIn and Medium.


I am the cofounder of gaatha story podcasts. That is, I am the creator of Baalgatha and Fairytales of India Podcasts, and the creator and host of MyKitaab Podcast.

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